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Development of Media Arts STEAM Program Using Advanced Technology


Art Center Nabi will start the 2018 STEAM Program Research hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and conducted by the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity. The STEAM program is a media art and high technology-based curriculum that aims to incubate convergent thinking and problem solving skills. A research staff composed of Art Center Nabi training team, inservice instructors and expert advisory group will collaborate together to raise students’ interest and understanding on science technology and digital art, and promote the curriculum in public education. Teacher manuals, textbooks and training kits will be distributed both online and offline.


  • <My Friend Robokie - Creative Activities using LED Kits>
  • <DIY Data Art - Analyzing and Expressing with Data>
  • <My Social Robot Friend - Making a Social Interaction Robot with Real-life Materials>
  • <Making Positive Revolution with Blockchain - Using Blockchain for Social Good>
  • <The Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Art - New Changes in Media Art>

Sponsor  Ministry of Science and ICT

Host The Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity

Institution Art Center Nabi

Authors Jinyoung Youn , Jieun Park, JaeHwan So, Esther Jung, Hyenan Park, Yumi Kim, Yeonhyeoung Kim (Artcenter Nabi)            
Changhun Kim(Kwancheun Middle School), Sunji Park(Gyphyun Elementary School), Hyunjin Bhang(Usin Elementary School), 
Minchul Shin(Habin Elementary School), Yeongki Lee(Yeonmu Chungang Elementary School), Yoonhee Choi(Soongmoon Middle School)
Advisory Yeongmi Park(Seongdang Middle School), Muntak Sohn(Joy Institute of Technology)
Inspection Naree Noh