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[Hackathon] Crypto on the Beach 2018


Crypto on the Beach 2018

Blockchain technology has risen up to the surface, not as a panacea but the medium to connect diverse “values” in a novel way, ultimately creating new “values”. For its pragmatic usage towards a better view of the society and creation of social values, it is inevitable that we reflect on the “values” and what we need to pursue with Blockchain through constant dialogue and social experiment of Blockchain technology.

At Social Design Hackathon Crypto on the Beach, a three-day hackathon after a month of seminars and workshops, we plan to look into multifarious socio-cultural issues in which Blockchain technology could be implemented and suggest viable prototypes. Software developers, engineers, designers, artist, architects, makers, social entrepreneurs and many professionals working across different fields will gather to explore the practical applicability of Blockchain, further questioning whether Blockchain could bring out Redefinition, Redistribution and Reclaiming of “Value”.

Crypto on the Beach, is a project set out for a new type of culture that would lead the society via a rather experimental combination between IT and Surfing, which has now settled as an alternative culture. With various professionals interested in Blockchain technology, Crypto on the Beach aims to be at the intersection of IT and culture, exploring new “values” Blockchain would bring and supporting an active dialogue between the technology and culture, further generating a social innovation.



2018.8.17(Fri) ­ 8.19(Sun)

@NakSan Beach Hotel, Yangyang, Gangwon-do

[Final Announcement] 

2018.8.29 (Wed)

Art CenterNabi / SKUXHCILab


Application Deadline : June 29th, 2018 ~ July 5th, 2018 

dox-cument Examination : July 7th, 2018 ~ July 8th, 2018 

Announcement : July 9th, 2018  


Application Link :


*To be announced via official website and to be noticed individually

Kick-off Meeting

Date : July 11th, 2018 7:00PM-9:00PM

Venue : SK UX HCI LAB (Tazak Madang)

*Participation is mandatory for the selected team



Director :  Soh Yeong Roh

Project Manager :   Yelin Park

Curator :  SoYoung Choi

Coordinators : Jinkyung Lee, SulHyang Seung

Promotion : Nabi Future Studies, GOPAX Marketing Team

Production :  JeongHwan Kim, HoMan Kwon, JaeYoung Kim

Design : Humming Press

Host : Art Center Nabi / GOPAX

Sponsor: Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Bluepoint partners, Bomapp, Mossland, Consensys Academy 


Inquiry: Nabi Future Studies (02-2121-0915) /