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[Hackathon] Crypto on the Beach 2018


Crypto on the Beach 2018

Blockchain technology has risen up to the surface, not as a panacea but as the medium to connect diverse “values” in a novel way, ultimately creating new “values”. For its pragmatic usage towards a better view of society and creation of social values, it is inevitable that we reflect on the “values” and what we need to pursue with Blockchain through constant dialogue and social experiment of Blockchain technology.

At Social Design Hackathon Crypto on the Beach, a three-day hackathon after a month of seminars and workshops, we plan to look into multifarious socio-cultural issues in which Blockchain technology could be implemented and suggest viable prototypes. Software developers, engineers, designers, artist, architects, makers, social entrepreneurs and many professionals working across different fields will gather to explore the practical applicability of Blockchain, further questioning whether Blockchain could bring out Redefinition, Redistribution and Reclaiming of “Value”.

Crypto on the Beach, is a project to seek out a new type of culture that would lead the society via an experimental combination between IT and Surfing, which has now been settled as an alternative culture. With various professionals interested in Blockchain technology, Crypto on the Beach aims to be at the intersection of IT and culture, exploring new “values” Blockchain would bring and supporting an active dialogue between the technology and culture, further generating social innovation.



2018.8.17(Fri) ­ 8.19(Sun)

@NakSan Beach Hotel, Yangyang, Gangwon-do

[Final Announcement] 

2018.8.29 (Wed)

Art CenterNabi / SKUXHCILab


Application Deadline : June 29th, 2018 ~ July 5th, 2018 

Document Examination : July 7th, 2018 ~ July 8th, 2018 

Announcement : July 9th, 2018  


Overall Program of Crypto on the Beach




01 Kick-off Meeting

Date: July 8, 2018 (Wed) 07:00 ~ 08:00

Place: Tazak Madang / SKT UX HCI LAB (20th Street, Jung-gu Dongho Road)

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02 Connecting Seminar and Networking Party, Advisory Session

Date: 2018.07.11 (Wed) / 07.19 (Thu) / 07.25 (Wed) [Total 3 times]

Place: Tazak Madang / SKT UX HCI LAB (20th Street, Jung-gu Dongho Road)




Songyi Lee

Seminar 1 / 07.11 08:00 ~ 09:00 @ Tazak Madang

Theme: Silicon Valley 37coins: A story about the start-up of a block-chain start-up based on its experience


Background: 37Coins Founder, Vis Salon Guest House, Seoul Young Youth Herb Conference 2017 Reorganization of Life Special Startup 'Back to Basics', 'Startup Weekend Seoul' Lead Organizer



Daniel Lee

Seminar 2 / 07.18 07:30 ~ 09:00 @ Tazak Madang

Theme: Introduction of the block chain for public good and possibility of social good through block chain

Background: Co-organizer of Blockchain for Good Society, Co-manager of OWDIN Strategic Partnership, Business Development & Planning Strategy, Block Chain Related Articles Curation Blog Keepit Philip - Vitaly Buterin Korea Press Conference Press Conference and Interpretation



Seokwon Yang

Seminar 3 / 07.18 07:30 ~ 09:00 @ Tazak Madang

Topic: Token Utility Canvas (TUC) based on demand and token availability of token users


Background: Establishment of Korea's first coaching space 'Co-operative' in 2010, Launch & operation of 'De Camp', Korea's first start-up ecosystem hub, and a number of projects related to shared economy, nonprofit and social innovation, Korea Folk High School ' Being a project manager for 'Nonprofit Start-up Growth Scenario'



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03 Blockchain Technical Training (Prototype Workshop)

Date: 2018.07.14 (Sat) / 07.21 (Sat) / 07.28 (Sat) 02: 00 ~ 04: 00 [Total 3 times]

Venue: Nabi Future Research Institute (22-3, Hyoja Road 7, Jongno-gu)

          Tazak Madang / SKT UX HCI LAB (20 roads to Jung-gu Dongho Road)


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04 Hackathon Orientation

Date: August 8, 2014 (Wednesday) 07:00 to 09:00

Place: Tazak Madang / SKT UX HCI LAB (20th Street, Jung-gu Dongho Road)




05 Crypto on the Beach Hackathon

Date: 2018.08.17 (Fri) - 08.19 (Sun)

Venue: Naksan Beach Hotel, Lani Kai surf

Organizer / Organizer: Art Center Nabi, Gopax

Sponsored by Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Bluepoint partners, Bomapp, Mossland, Consensys Academy 

Advisory & Lecture:

Bill Park

Current CEO of Toki / Former CEO of State Street Bank Korea and Asia Pacific management board member / Hong Kong Global Macro Hedgefund founding member

Taelim Oh

CEO of GLUW, Inc

Yeunjin Gong

Co-Founder & CTO of GOPAX / former Google engineer

Sinhae Lee

She is Partner at GBIC — a blockchain and cryptocurrency fund, and Block72 — a comprehensive blockchain consulting firm based in US, China, and Korea. Prior to joining GBIC, she has been deeply involved in the FinTech/blockchain industry in Silicon Valley. She led business development and operations at a payment start-up, Coin, which was acquired by FitBit in 2016 and later worked at NerdWallet, a FinTech start-up in San Francisco. She started her career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. She brings her Silicon Valley and consulting experience to the blockchain/crypto industry. Sinhae holds an MBA from Stanford University and a B.A. in Business from Korea University

Songyi Lee

Songyi currently serves as Chief Strategy Officer of Metadium, a next-generation identity protocol powered by blockchain. As an early adapting entrepreneur with passion for social impact and innovation, Songyi is a strong advocate of the use of blockchain to disrupt the status quo. Prior to Metadium, Songyi had co-founded 37coins, a Silicon Valley startup empowering the world’s unbanked population by providing access to Bitcoin through a decentralized SMS network. She is also a founder of Zentrepreneurs, a mindfulness education for entrepreneurs and businesses to increase productivity and quality of life through modern consciousness training. 

Sijun Kim

Loom Network Korea community manager / operates Blockchain study Teckle / Former 8Cups CTO

Yunwoo Kim

Mossland developer

Hyunuk Nam

Mossland developer

    Chris Georgiev

Founder of Imagga - image AI startup. He moved to Korea 2 years ago to expand his company operations in Asia. Chris can help anything related to business model, global marketing outreach with low budget, bullet proofing your pitch deck. Chris loves languages (studying Korean now), to fly his Mavic Pro (so few places in Korea allow it) and learn from people.


Director of Art Center Nabi, Soh Yeong Roh

CEO of Gopax, Junhaeng Lee

CTO of Gopax, Yeunjin Gong

CEO of Toki, Bill Park

CSO of Mossland, Chester Roh

CEO of Blockco, Jonghwan Kim



1st place: 5 million won / 2nd place: 3 million won / 3rd ~ 4th place: 1 million won


1st Day

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2nd Day

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3rd Day

에디터로 등록된 이미지에디터로 등록된 이미지

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06 Final Presentation of Crypto on The Beach

Date: 2018.08.29 (Sat) 17: 30 ~ 19: 30

Venue: Tazak Madang / SKT UX HCI LAB (20th Street, Jung-gu Dongho Road) 


Grand Prize


Runner up


2nd Runner up


Blockchain on the Beach.avi  

Teams and Links to Presentations

1.       Descro Decentralized Escrow for Real Life Application

2.       Po_ul  PO_UL MARKET

3.       SeGaGe EVERYPET

4.       RED2M  Gotta Go

5.       Blockchain on the beach. avi Clean_Funding

6.       Ignis "Ethershare: Donate transparently"

7.       Butterfly Effect: "Line Up: Social Matching Service on Blockchain"

8.       Drawing paper BUBILITY

9.       SHAROS "Better ICO: Above the Vitalik's DAICO"

10.   PRISMING: Blockchain for In-Kind Donation


**Link to the Hackathon video clip


Director :  Soh Yeong Roh

Project Manager : Yelin Park

Curator :  SoYoung Choi

Coordinators : Jinkyung Lee, Serhyang Sung

Promotion : Nabi Future Studies, GOPAX Marketing Team

Production :  Junghwan Kim, Homan Kwon, Jaeyoung Kim

Design : Humming Press

Host : Art Center Nabi / GOPAX

Sponsors: Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Bomapp, Mossland, CROWN GOOSE, The Booth